Friday, February 19, 2010

Small plane crashes into office in Texas

A disgruntled software engineer, Joseph Andrew Stack crashed a small, single-engined private plane into a seven-storey office building in Austin, Texas on Thursday morning.
Smoke could be seen billowing from the building, which houses offices of the federal tax agency. Most employees have been evacuated but one person is unaccounted for, a spokesman for the Austin fire department said.
The building is next door to FBI field offices, but the bureau said there was no indication the crash was deliberate.
A Department of Homeland Security spokesman said that there was no reason to believe there is terrorist angle to the crash.
The official said they were also investigating the possibility that the crash might have been intentional act by the pilot.
A spokesman for the Austin fire department said the plane hit the building at 1556 GMT. He said two people had been taken to hospital, but it was not clear if they were seriously injured. The fire department has cut power to the area to help it tackle a blaze at the scene.

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