Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Four wives, 30 kids, another on way

Hats off to 80 year old Hussain Ali, for managing to live with four wives and 30 kids. One realy wonders how he has managed to feed so many mouths. Even with one wife and a kid life is quite a challenge for many in India.
Maybe being in a village in Assam would mean little demands on the man. But I am still wondering how he met the demands of four wives, who are living in separates huts in the same compound. And Ali, who reportedly looks frail and emaciated, says: "Don't judge someone by his weight or height. I am young at heart although I am not going to marry any more and am happy with my 30 children and another that one of my wives is expecting."
Ali lives in Mohkhuli village in Lakhimpur district, about 370 km east of Assam's main city Guwahati.
"It is all god's gift and wish that I have a large family of four wives and 30 children," Ali says.
But the octogenarian cannot remember the names of all his children but claims that he knows each one by their face.
"At times it was hard to maintain the family, but now with some of my sons working, they help us financially," Ali said.

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