Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Old books (Old is gold)

Rumaging wayside bookshops or the Sunday Bazaars in Darya Ganj in Old Delhi was a favourite past time during the early days of my life in Delhi. The fact that my girl friend worked in a magazine being brought out from a lane in Darya Ganj made it one of my favourite haunts. The early years there was a time that one had few bucks to spare and one could land bargains added to the charm of buying from pavements. People have been lucky to get encylopedias from these pavement shops for a bargain. You may also be lucky to find rare books in those shops. The world famaous Chandini Chowk have many small shops tucked away is its nooks and corners. I have seen many a shopkeeper making a pitch from near a hole in the wall full of books.
Books are windows of opportunity. Love them, read them, if you can't buy one, lend one from a library near your house. The nuggets of informantion that goes to build your subconsious mind will come good somewhere, sometime. If you land a rare, handwritten print of a famous author with his autograph, sell it on ebay. You will land a fortune!

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