Monday, February 25, 2008

Get a Rs.1 lakh insurance for Rs.50.

It is amazing but true. Kerala has many dicourt stores in many of its towns and cities.
The state-run Triveni is quite popular and brings gorceries for much lower than the maximum retail price.
The other, popular bargain store is the Margin-Free shops run by Margin Free Market Pvt. Ltd. There are any number of the these stores with the tag margin-free. They claim that their prices are much lower than that of the market. Your local kirana shop would also give you a discount and if you know the shopkeeper very well you could get a lower price.
The one I shop has given me an insurance for Rs.1 lakh in case of death. I call that buying the confidence of the customer. And the insurance is by United India Insurance Co Ltd., state-run company.
I urge all Malaylis to shop at Margin free and benefit.

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