Monday, December 17, 2007

Chinese furniture

Chinese furniture a rage
We have been hunting for a dining table for our small dining space, which is not just a room but a passage too. We thought a glass table would be both stylish and compact. Well we searched for about an year. It costs something in the range of Rs.16,000. Often, we did not like the style or even the chair.
Early in December my wife got a few grands to spare and thought of investing in a dining table again. The hunt began in earnest. We visited some of the top names in the town. Stylespa, Oberon, Damro and even Godrej outlet. Well the right one was always bigger.
Then we found a new place, Capito.
The showroom has a wide choice of furniture and we found the right one. Imported from Malaysia, it was all wood, teak, and stylish chairs. The price was Rs.29,000. We got it for Rs.26,700. And the service was good too. They have promised after sales service too. Wish I had a photo to post here now.
The lesson we learned is that one has to keep searching until one lands the right one. We have identified a sofa set for the living room too.
Capito in Trivandrum is at Pattom on the way to Marapalam


Journalist said...
found ur blog on ur orkut profile... that link is to a pic of Malaysian furniture! guess where

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