Friday, December 14, 2007

Cheap is cheap

Big Bazaar of the Future group is going all out to capture the imagination of middle class Indians. I was a believer in the brand since shopping in thier Delhi outlet. That was until I bought this study table for my daughter.
It comes in a collapsible form, which you can assemble at home. My wife did the job of assembling it, for I was too lazy for that.
After three months I find that the outer covering is coming off. And even in the dry room on the first floor of the house some sort of mould is forming on the surface.
My advice is do not buy furniture made of particle boards, event if they are imported. They don't last. In India, where we invest in furniture for a life time it does not make sound economic sense to buy these cheap (actually costly) furniture.
My wife still buys stuff from the retailer, I am yet to return to their shop.

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AJ said...

I couldn't agree more with you. With IKEA investing over 10,000 CR in India and their main raw material being particle board, you can imagine what will occur.