Monday, September 8, 2014

Ways to avoid ATM charges in India

·         Use cards

Use your debit and credit cards so that you don't need too much cash. However, some may charge 1-2% transaction fee. There is also the danger of overspending.

·         Plan your cash flow

Don't wait till you are broke to withdraw money from the ATM. Plan 2-3 days in advance so that you are not forced to use another bank's ATM. While withdrawing cash, take out more than the amount you need immediately. Take into account the expenses during the coming 8-10 days and withdraw accordingly.

·          Prefer your own bank

Avoid using another bank's ATM. Only if there is no ATM close to you should you use another bank's ATM. Some banks have apps that can help you locate their nearest ATM on the smartphone.

·          Keep emergency cash

Keep some cash at home in case you run out of money due to unforeseen expenses. However, don't keep too large an amount in cash. In your effort to save Rs 20 in ATM fees, you could be losing out more on interest on that amount. Besides, keeping cash at home is not always a safe option.

·         Use dormant account

ATM charges will help revive your dormant bank account. Most banks charge Rs 80-100 annually for a no-frill debit card. One card allows 36 transactions on other banks' ATMs and 60 at your own per year. This is a cheaper option.


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