Monday, April 5, 2010

Eco-friendly toys

It was an e-mail from a friend that brought memories of childhood holidays flooding back. The simple toys we used to make with coconut palm fronds was fun. Although it lasted only a day or two it was quite eco-friendly and we had no regrets throwing it away and make new ones later.
Are the net savy kids hooked on Pogo and Cartoon network even aware of the existence of such toys. The simple craft of making these toys may even die out for want of practise. My mother used to say that she could easily turn the palm fronds into the simplest roofing material or the "medanja ola'. But she has forgotten how to do it now. People could easily make a small basked of wicker or bigger ones using various eco-friendly material. In early days such baskets were used to carry stuff bought from the market be it vegetables or fish.
If the fishmongers used wicker baskets earlier, they have switched to aluminium vessels to carry their wares today. Change, when it comes, should it not be always for the better and not just convenience?

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