Friday, October 9, 2009

Peace prize for Obama? What a joke!

Did he bring peace to the Middle East? Or in Afghanistan?
For the President of a nation that swears by war, lives by waging war on other nations, undermining the very fundamentals of democracy in many countries, how do they justify bestowing the Nobel Peace Prize on Obama?
Personally, I think he is the best that the US has got till date. And I love lot of things American, movies, Cola, the life, , the books, the music -- you name it.
I started hating those American rulers since they invaded Iraq on the guise of hunting down those responsible for the World Trade Centre bombings. Did they find them? No dude, not yet! And they destroyed the history of the world in Babylonia. For a nation that has little history behind it, that was just collateral damage. And we have other nations hooting for those Yankees.
I am no great admirer of Naom Chomsky. But hey, he is one sane voice in the midst of those crying war at every turn.

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