Thursday, May 14, 2009

Insurance coverage for Rs50

My neighbourhood bargain store by name Marginfree Market(P)Ltd is run for the benefit of differently abled persons. After shopping for groceries at Big Bazaar I have returned to the store again. And they have renewed my life insurance for Rs.1 lakh for Rs.40 again. Don't you think that is a bargain. This time over Star Health and Alliance Insurance Co Ltd is giving the coverage.
Margin-Free shops run by Margin Free Market Pvt. Ltd. There are any number of the these stores with the tag margin-free. They claim that their prices are much lower than that of the market. Your local kirana shop would also give you a discount and if you know the shopkeeper very well you could get a lower price.
I urge all Malaylis to shop at Margin free and benefit.

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