Friday, November 21, 2008

Hitting 40, starting anew

I hit a milestone today. It marks the begining of the 41st winter of my life. Life has not been cruel to me, in fact it has been extremely good.
At the end of 40 years if I take stock of the various roles I have played until today I may give a five on a scale of 10 on an average.
As a child I was a nightmare to my parents and my aunts. 5
As a student I was below average. I flunk in exams through out my student life. It continued even in college that made my dad wonder what I would do with my life: 4
As a normal teenager I was again average. I did all the things I had to do but never developed any interest in any particular sport, eventhough I was crazy about football I never was even in the school team. I have learnt to swim, play badminton, took up karate, I was in the NCC(never attempted C certificate: 3
As a brother I was lousy according to my sister 4
As a nephew I was average as my Uncle would say 5
In college I failed in even having a steady girlfriend. Instances are numorous. They all dumped me. 5 (In the end I did get 10 out of 10 in love)
As a journalist I failed to live up to the expectations of my bosses and my promotions came very late. To begin with I landed a job after a year in the wilderness called New Delhi. Worked in many places for a year and a half before a newspaper editor even consider hiring me. 5
In marriage I may have failed the expectations of my parents when I married. 5
But I believe I did the right thing my marrying whom I married, It would not have worked out with anybody else 8
As a husband I am just okay, I can be better or could have been better. 7
As a dad, I believe I am doing a fairly good job 9
As a friend I am not one someone would give his life for. 6
As an employee I am still average. I am not a dream employee 5
As an employer I am not very strict 6
As a colleague I am not very reliable is what I have felt 6
As a responsible citizen I am okay 8
As an individual I believe I am fine 7
As a writer I am average. Let me give myself a 6
As a human being my wife tells me I am pessimistic 4
So let me live the rest of my life by at least trying to spread some sunshine to others every morning.
As I turn 40, I thank all those who made me what I am today and all those who mean most to me.
My Dad, who is no longer there, my grandmother who is also no more. My mother who drives me crazy at times but loves me a lot, my Uncles and my aunts, (I have a whole lot of them on both sides of my family), my wife and daughter who have to put up with all my drawbacks and still loves me, my cousins who love to tease me and for whom I am the big brother, my two nieces who loves to call me DaddyMama.
Thank you all who called me, emailed me, scarped me to wish me today.
To all my colleagues too.
Thank you all again.


kavita said...

My sweetheart,

This was an emotional, nostalgic rewind, you have underestimated yourself, you have gained 10 out of 10 as far as I am concerned.

Your friend and companion

franc said...

As a room-mate, you are a wonderful person to be with
20/10 :)

manju said...

I can't believe my sweet brother is 40 plus now, wishing u all the very best.Hey wht do u mean by lousy? hi hi
lots of luv
ur one and only sis

dipannita said...

aren't u just being too tough with urself?
or is this austerity a sign of greatness?

Bimal said...

Well I think I am like that! But I have my feet firmly on ground. Dip, this is no sign of greatness. I am actually a simpleton.